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Support can come in many forms and are to numerous to get into a full discussion here but, there is emotional support, physical support, mental support, spiritual support, financial support etc. Healthy french dating produce an environment that is both warm and supportive where we can refresh single french women and find strength to continue day by day.  So, we often remain silent until they find out later and the consequences have gotten worse. I believe honesty in italian dating is being true to yourself and the other beautiful italian girls you've committed you time, energy and emotions to. While we might fall short of this once in a while, we do our best to maintain this between italian singles.  What we often do in german dating is try so hard to match our identities to the french girls we're with that we lose track of ourselves. What this does is make us heavily dependent upon them for everything from emotional support down, to mental help. This actually put a great strain on the relationship and drains the life out of the other partner by absorbing their emotions, time, etc. When we do this, we become so dependent upon single german women that if we are not careful, we trap ourselves in these german singles and can't move on even if it's not working. We are all different in many respect and our differences is what makes unique. Believe it or not, these differences are what actually draw our french singles to us; what do you think happens when we begin to become just like them? Simple, they get bored and move on. You must like and appreciate who you are before anyone will appreciate and like you. You are who you are supposed to be, so keep your own identity, that's who those involved with you want you for. It is really funny how we simply bounce words of each others eardrums and refer to it as communication. Communication refers to listening, understanding, and responding. It is amazing that different words mean different things to different people. You could tell your german girls something and mean one thing while single italian women hear and understand something totally different. What we often do in communicating is to listen while the other person is speaking for a space to jump in and give our own views and assessment of the situation. This not true communication. True communication involves one person addressing a particular issue while the other party listens until the first party has completely finished, then the second party restates what was heard for clarification and understanding before they responds to that particular issue. It is only after that issue has been addressed do we move on to another issue.

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